Exploring Sedona in 24 hours

We decided to pack our bags and head southeast for an unforgettable road trip adventure through Sedona, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and last but not least Monument Valley. The weather was in the mid 70’s to low 60’s so just enough Spring sun was peeking through to make us comfortable during the day. We arrived at Phoenix International Airport on a sunny Thursday morning and were greeted by Andy Calvo from Goupdrive with a brand new robust Jeep Rubicon, fresh off the lot (it was a  free upgrade because of the long wait we had to endure), which was born for off roading. We immediately jumped into the Jeep and made our way towards Sedona on Interstate 17. I have heard many people claim that Sedona has that “special charm” and it is a “very magical place” so I was pretty eager to find out myself.

As we drove for a little over two hours with some delegated stops on the way, we finally made it to our our cute little bed & breakfast cottage at Sedona Views Bed & Breakfast. The amazing views of downtown Sedona from the Memories & Moonbeans Suite terrace, equipped with outdoor hot tub, were incredible. We arrived just in time to see the sunset at 6: 23 pm from high above with our new DJI Phantom 4.  The views of the red rocks were absolutely breathtaking to say the least. No wonder everyone started lining up to see the sunset from the very popular spot near Boynton Canyon Trail and Airport Mesa Trail at 3 pm already. And once the clock reached the 6 pm mark, practically all traffic came to a standstill in downtown Sedona, so be prepared. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


Overlooking the Valley near Fey Canyon Arch Trail

As the night reached it’s closing point and all the hustle and bustle had died down a bit, we grabbed some dinner at a nearby restaurant called Cowboy Club & Grill where you could find delicious and unique treats like Diamondback rattlesnake cakes, tasty Buffalo skewers, and cactus fries (yes, exactly in that order). Something to definitely try for all the adventurous foodies out there! The service was lively and the atmosphere was cheerful with some kitschy western decor that makes you feel like you are transported back to a different time. After our big meal and with full bellies we headed back to our hotel and passed out from all the food coma.

Bright and early the next morning, we managed to get up around 5 am to make our way to the famous Devil’s Bridge, which seemed to be the most favorite of all hiking trails in Sedona. We decided to beat the crowd and make our way to the start of the hiking trail before sunrise. As we reached the parking lot and parked our Rubi we grabbed our backpacks and made our way to the top of the 4,600 feet trailhead. The weather was still a bit on the chilly side at the end of March, so be prepared to bring a sweater or two. The 1.8 mile roundtrip trek is fairly easy with only some steep climbing involved towards the end of the trail, once you have almost reached Devil’s Bridge arch.  It is one of the largest natural sandstone arches in Sedona so bring your photography equipment. Once you have reached the top, the views over the canyons are just surreal. You can get a glimpse of the sunrise illuminating the landscape around you. We took a good 30 minutes to just relax, hang out, and even were able to take a quick power nap before more visitors started rolling in. Overall very peaceful atmosphere.


Devils Bridge right after sunrise

As we started making our descend back around 8:45 am, people already started making their climb up the trail, some even taking their 4×4 vehicle down Dry Creek Road to avoid the longer part of the trail and by 9:30 am the entire parking lot was already covered with cars. So I would recommend to get there as early as possible folks, if you can, because by 2 pm the entire road leading up to the parking lot is already lined with tons of cars.

After we finished our 2 hour trek we went to get breakfast at our hotel and then headed to another favorite hike called Fey Canyon Arch. We started off in the parking lot of the Fay Canyon Trailhead and headed North on Fay Canyon Trail. The trail itself is very easy and flat. When you reach the end of Fay Canyon Trail you have the option to climb up a giant boulder to get some sweeping views of the below valley and landscape. Proper hiking footgear is recommended as the gravel becomes very loose during the steep ascend and descend. As we headed back to the Rubi to make our way to the next destination of the Grand Canyon, I realized that I will definitely have to come back to this red magical land all over again.


Fey Canyon Arch in Sedona


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