Honeymoon Glamping in New Zealand

New Zealand offers some of the worlds best photographic sceneries and some really amazing one of a kind glamping experiences. Instead of using the traditional route of standards hotels we decided to go with something different….the luxury wagon accommodation.

While my newly-wed husband and I were honeymooning in beautiful New Zealand, one could probably imagine a nice posh resort with a lap sized swimming pool, luxury amenities, and all you can eat buffets. This may sound like heavenly bliss for some, but my husband and I are a sucker for fluffy things. So when we decided to take a different scenic route during our ten day road trip (no pun indented) and stay somewhere a bit more authentic and unique, we were glad we did. During my research of possible places to stay at near the east coast of South New Zealand I came across one particular glamping spot that caught my attention immediately, a luxury western style wagon transformed into a small studio.

As we drove a good 6 hours from the Northern part of New Zealand, making many photo stops along the way, we finally made it to the small town of Kirwee right before dusk. And dusk in New Zealand during December means past 9:00 pm! Hello summer time and loooong days!! Kirwee is about a leisurely 30 minute drive west of Christchurch, which is the hub for all go-to’s. Once we arrived at a white wooden gated barn yard, we were greeted by a flock of friendly farm animals. The herd eagerly made their way towards us as soon as we entered the lovely premises of Luxury Wagon Stays. We immediately made friends and we were particularly fond of a very cute black and white pot bellied pig with long shaggy hair. It really enjoyed being petted while grunting softly, which is an indication of excitement and happiness. It wasn’t shy at all.

As we drove through several more gated areas we finally saw what we came for: the 19th century Conestoga western style wagon set in the middle of a rustic farm land. The magnificent secluded backdrop could not have been better.


A birds eye view of the WagonStays property

We parked our car and eagerly started unpacking our things. When we opened the door to the wagon (think of the movie Stagecoach) we were pleasantly surprised. Everything was perfectly arranged and neatly organized. The wagon comfortably fits a Queen sized bed, shower, sink, kitchen, and bathroom. It even comes with a comfortable couch and a table for dinner. One could also find plenty of tea, coffee, and milk. There was breakfast in the fridge waiting to be devoured the next morning. Jasmine, the lovely owner of Wagon Stays, had also set up a full plate of charcuterie for us which included delicate cheeses, cured meats, crackers, sauces, and chocolate covered strawberries. We immediately indulged in this scrumptious surprise and filled our bellies with goodness.


A yummy Charcuterie plate waiting to be devoured


Dinner in the wagon is served


The next morning we decided to explore the wagon a little more and found that it also had a lot of unique ‘hidden features’ such as a pile of logs cleverly disguised as a rubbish bin, a microwave neatly hidden behind a range hood, or a shower head transformed into a large water bucket. These little knick knacks were really cleverly crafted and one could see that the owners had put a lot of attention to details into their craftsmanship, which we appreciated. Overall the wagon had been very well maintained over the years and remained in great condition.

We made some stops in Christchurch for some errands during the day and to use the fitness center, as we came back to the wagon we decided to hang out on the patio for a bit. In addition to the BBQ grill outside there is also an outdoor seating area which features a duel swing and a private bathtub in case you want to take a romantic midnight bath watching the stars overhead. We decided to fly the drone overhead to get some great aerial shot of the whole property and surrounding areas. Overall this was a perfect couples getaway if you are looking for something unique and special to surprise your significant other with reasonable prices in mind.

After our two days stay, we waved one last final goodbye to all the little farm animals and continued our journey through the rest of South New Zealand. One thing is that we will never forget our luxury stay at the wagon and it truly made our honeymoon trip a very memorable one.


Spending some time on the patio during the magical sunset hour


What a view! We will miss New Zealand!

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