Heidi is originally from Germany but now lives with her husband in the beautiful city of San Francisco. She immigrated with her mother to the United States when she was only 12 years old with little understanding of the English language. Over time Heidi has found a deep appreciation for art and writing which later developed into her passion for photography in unison with journalism. She accredits her unique eye for visual art from her former art teacher, which taught her to express her hidden creativity through the use of color and light. Combined with her love for world travel and adventure, Heidi has visited many unique destinations around the world, which has left her with an incredible inspiration that she cannot wait to share with others. When she is not busy conquering mountains and exploring the world, Heidi can be found editing her favorite photos at home, having a spot of tea at her favorite tea shop, preparing for Burning Man, or going for a morning run in the Embarcadero.

Infinitexplorer was inspired from the concept of philosopher Neil Kramer’s Spiral of Creation which was featured during a Burning Man video in 2012: “The spiral of creation is not static. It is a living, evolving, emergent system of extreme creativity. Seek out those fine souls who are also on their inner journey. Share, support and learn from each other. When the night falls, you pitch your tent. In the morning, you pack it up, put it on your back and start walking again. Be the infinite explorer.” We are constantly evolving  and learning new things, adapting to the environment around us. Seek out those experiences, people, and places that inspire you the most and challenge yourself to learn something new every day. Let your inner intuition guide you in the right direction and try to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes each time you wake up in the morning.


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