Honeymoon Glamping in New Zealand

New Zealand offers some of the worlds best photographic sceneries and some really amazing one of a kind glamping experiences. Instead of using the traditional route of standards hotels we decided to go with something different....the luxury wagon accommodation. While my newly-wed husband and I were honeymooning in beautiful New Zealand, one could probably imagine … Continue reading Honeymoon Glamping in New Zealand

Exploring Sedona in 24 hours

We decided to pack our bags and head southeast for an unforgettable road trip adventure through Sedona, Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and last but not least Monument Valley. The weather was in the mid 70's to low 60's so just enough Spring sun was peeking through to make us comfortable during the day. We arrived at Phoenix International Airport on a sunny Thursday morning and were greeted by Andy Calvo from Goupdrive with a brand new robust Jeep Rubicon, fresh off the lot (it was a free upgrade because of the long wait we had to endure), which was born for off roading. We immediately jumped into the Jeep and made our way towards Sedona on Interstate 17. I have heard many people claim that Sedona has that "special charm" and it is a "very magical place" so I was pretty eager to find out myself.